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© Paul M. Deisinger 2003


The world has lost a Great Man, R.I.P. "Rocky" Louis Rocque, 1919-2002. We miss you terribly already and always will!

Well overall it was a pretty depressing holiday, didn't spend Christmas with my or my fiance's family and my Fathers best friend succumbed to cancer 3 days ago. Here's to hoping 2003 will be better.

Slight new look for the site for 2003, hope you all like it. Be looking for more Hyline All-Terrain Boards in the new year and a bunch of new digital photography, thanks to my new canon elph, wyrd!

Wow, lots has happened since the last time I posted. Had a lot of bad luck and news, but none as bad as the diagnosis of Cancer in a Family friend. Fight hard Rocky! We'll be praying for you!

Check out Fatchen for Fatty T-shirt gear and News

Here's the Final Hyline Hellraiser, I think it turned out pretty damn good. The Killer Zombie is up next, about 1/2 complete.

Time for illustration links:
Marcel Dejong Gothic illustration and comics
Super Macho illustration of Jorge Gutierrez
Jing and Mike Company more illustrations
World of Wassco Funky 70's style
Andrew Pommier Love this guys work
Headband Brothers Adult illustrations, 18 and up please.

Here's my two most recent Snowboard designs that can also be seen to the left:

Various links seen over the past few months:
Pete Fagerlin.com Bad ass mountain biking videos
BaxaArt - Tom Baxa, Sci fi/Fantasy artist, great work, web site needs some help!
Ralph Steadman - One of the 20th centurys Great illustrators, and a Huge influence on me.

Well, finally recovering from a big ole hard drive crash last week. Nortons Systemworks rocks! :)

Should be a re-design coming along in a few weeks, I have the look all done, just have to replicate and populate.

The Best Picture Ever?! Quite possibly.

Jon Foster, I've seen this guys stuff in Spectrum Sci-Fi annuals. All I can say is Wow!

Joshua Smith's Hydro74


Eboy, Thee Pixel friggin Masters! Check out their Berlin!

Logos For Hobos

It's finally raining again down here in the Grand Canyon State and the National Forests are opening back up after being closed due to Fire Danger, Yeeeeeaaaa! :)

Swear Bear.com Ha ha, fun stuff.

Lorum Ipsum Random Latin text generator

Thanks to Yohan and Surfstation for the link support, I really appreciate it.

Nice, Geoff Johns.com also makes an appearance on Surfstation.

Many thanks to MSchmidt and the K10k crew as well for their support.

Welcome to Hockeytown Cujo! Glad he's there.

Anton Graphics, from the "Land Down Under"

This guy rocks at illustration: Fernando, can't read the site, but it doesn't matter!

Pedestrian Killer... The Game! Sick but kinda fun in a demented sort of way.

Life in Vector. Vector art of Brooke Nunez.

Uh oh, Not the dreaded Pixel Fonts!

New Pisces Desktop image for y'all!

Damn! John Entwistle from The Who kicked the bucket yesterday. I saw The Who back in 10th grade on the Kids are Allright Tour. RIP you will be missed. :(

I think now due to the fire danger, almost all the national forests in Arizona are closed. I ask people all over the U.S.A. please do a rain dance for us, we need it bad, bad, bad!

Two new illustrations:
Bounty Hunter

Link time:
Great illustrator Terry Colon, I've seen his work many places. Michigan based, Word!

I've always been and always will be a Huge Map nut, this guy Map Hero, Rocks!

Rob Collinet, Dan Sipple, Kevin Sprouls

, Great "illustration", singular not plural! Put some more up, We want more!

Well my 29th birthday came and went, it was swell. I guess 30 is the real life changer.

Wow, I hit the design mother load, Grungy & Dirty Nocturna Photoshop Brushes. I've been looking for a way to do these effects for a long time, now finally!

As a kid I was always a Dinosaur nut, so I thought a site that let's you Search for Dinosaurs images on the net was pretty cool, check it out.

Voodoo Catbox Rock & Roll Posters by Gary Houstan and Mike King, nice, nice, nice!

Rik Catlow Painting of weird people and such, good stuff.

Ad Access Great Database full of old ad images

Wayne Harris Great unique illustration

Our Civiliancool e-zine that I will hopefully be doing some illustration for very soon

Pigsell Can't read it, but great illustrations anyway!

Bad Photoshoppery yikes!

Damn 29 years old tomorrow, but I suppose the "Big 3-0" is the tough one.

A few new artist links for yah, Good stuff:

David Ballexcellent collage work
Bob CongeVery similar to Ralph Steadman
BobDob illustration
The Bill Mayer

A few recent additions of my own (old stuff):
Utah Icons
Dark Slider
Rock Gods
Utah Painting

Stanley is back home in Detroit!!! The Krusty the Clown Prophecy has come true. The Red Wings really earned this one, they played great and truely are one of the best teams of all time! Carolina fans can take into account that their team did something both Philly and the Caps couldn't, win 1 game.

A few new artist links for yah, Good stuff:

Jody Hewgill
Rick Sealock
Douglas Fraser

Wow that Hex worked better than expected on those Nascar-heads! Wings have a chance for their 3rd cup in 6 years. As always too much Heart, Desire and Character on this team, Detroit Wins it tonight at Home, GO WINGS!!!!

Went to Mexico last weekend, Puerto Penasco or Rocky Point as it's called here in Arizona. Mexico always seems fun and depressing at the same time, but I've only been to border or near border towns.

Sorry for the down time of my site in the past few days, mix up with my bill from the hosting co., all is better now though.

The Wings will be back strong tonight! Here's a little Hex for Irbe, Francis and the BBC line: @%#345#i64&*rb#@e@#b#%b(7890c#!@#Fr3$@a@$n$%k@$*(S

Getting a quick little "Reboot" of the site done, more will be added in a bit..

Wyrd to yo Mutha's, The Detroit Red Wings are in the Stanley Cup Finals and 4 wins away from their third cup in 6 years, Come on guys let's do it again! Depth, character, heart and desire will get the wingys through this series as well, let's go Wings!!!

Holy crap I turn 29 in two weeks, man I'm getting old!

Well here comes game 7 back in Detroit in about 6 hours from now. The night the Red Wings won Game 6 I recieved a sign later in the evening that they would Triumph in Game 7 of the Western Conference Finals. The sign happened during an episode of "The Simpsons". Krusty the Clown bombs at a stand up comedy show and goes on a crazy bender. During his binge he drinks from the Stanley Cup! I saw this and was like HOLY SHIT!! The Wings are gonna win it all! One more game, one more game and they get the chance. Cow-O-wado had their dream season for Ray Borque, but now it is time for them to step aside for two more veterans that want it a little more badly, Dominik Hasek and Luc Robitaille (not to mention how much Yzerman, Shanahan, Hull, Chelios, Lidstrom, Federov, Larionov all want it). I'd like to put another curse on the weenies from the rockies, but I just HAVE to believe that The Detroit Red Wings have too much HEART, DESIRE and Will to let this opportunity pass them by, plus the curse below is a two game colorado curse, he he. LET'S GO RED WINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!

And now for a little luck for the Wingys, and old tradition of mine, givin props to all the players, so here goes:Pavel Datsyuk, Boyd Devereaux, Sergei Fedorov, Igor Larionov, Steve Yzerman, Tomas Holmstrom, Kirk Maltby, Luc Robitaille, Brendan Shanahan, Kris Draper, Brett Hull, Darren McCarty, Chris Chelios, Nicklas Lidstrom, Fredrik Olausson, Mathieu Dandenault, Steve Duchesne, Jiri Fischer, Dominik Hasek, Manny Legace and for good measure, coaches too: Scotty Bowman, Dave Lewis, Barry Smith.

The Detroit Red Wings are battling the Cow-O-Wado Assholelanche tonight, Do or Die! Here's a little curse for Patrick Waaaaa and Foreskin = (#420^&f$*u666 $#k%!s@@ ##%@k&R+^o^ y$%i^&*n%). Shanny, Federov(Da Bozee), Stevie Y, Brett Hull and Lucky Luc are gonna get it on and score some goals tonight. Wyrd Hasek Wyrd! Wings back to Detroit for Game 7 on Friday, you heard it here first!

A few new images for y'all:
Bright Eyes

A few new links for y'all to:
Sonny Liew's Squash Rental Agency Uh, yeah this guys pretty much unbelievable!
Kawaguchi Youhei Normally I consider most Anime complete and utter crap, but these are great illustrations anyway.

Uh Oh! Here's a Phat new group of illustrators links collected during the last day or two of surfing:

Luc Latulippe
Derrick Hodgson
Cabin Fever Media
Harald Belker
Jason Metter
Atelier Stefanos
Kush - Inflatable Hero
Todd James - Funk!
Gary Taxali
Sour Illustration

There that ought to keep you busy for awhile!

Fianlly someone has built an Audiogalaxy Satellite client for Mac OS X & 9! I've been waiting for this for years, let the downloading begin.

Does anyone else have the feeling that human beings are quickly sliding towards extinction?

Retro sexy comic illustrations by Phil Noto. Increadible stuff, check it out.

Altpick.com, a great source for artists and buyers alike.

Going to be a long hot summer here down in Arizona! Most of the national forests are closing due to extreme fire danger. Pisser!! I really need to do some canyoneering, but the forest closures sure will put a damper on that.

Cam's Happy Pencil? More like Cam's Damn Scary Pencil!!

I feel that the large design portals fail to feature great illustrators very often, so I'm going to make an effort to link up some of the illustrators that make me say "Wow!" Here's a few to tide you over for awhile: Astro Minamix, Dr. Alderete, kobbytron.com, Big i Studio, Chris Roth, John Wayshak

Kobalto just re-designed, go take a look, nice and clean design.

Here's a couple old illustrations of mine

A few cool links:
Kirsten Ulve, Sweet illustrations!

Skateboard graphics.com.

Web Climbing.com, This guy Mike has got a cool Climbing/Bouldering Site, check it out, great design.

It's starting to get hot as hell here again in Phoenix. Have a few new project ideas that I'm going to start working on soon. More on that in a little bit.

Here's a few kick ass illustrators: Thanuka.com, Unplug.

I'm going to be printed in the Kobalto book of non-commercial character design. This book is going to totally rock, so when it comes out, Buy it! Here are my illustrations that will be in the book:

Mouth House
The Grey Guy
Blue Meanie

Brought back Tales of the Macabre to the Lab. These are some older illustrations from my earlier days on the web.

Also back is Ask the Weird Worm, My version of the Magic 8 Ball.

Added about 10 new illustrations to my Portfolio and a bunch of various things to "The Lab". Links, Props, miscellaneous illustrations and stuff.

More stuff to come.

Over 12,000 visits on the Geoff Johns.com Homepage and quickly approaching 500 Members on the Message Board! Awesome traffic.

If you are into Comic Books what-so-ever you should definitely check out Geoff's work, he is without a doubt one of the most talented comic writers today!

BUY MY SNOWBOARDS NOW! Or you won't be cool! He he.

Speed Demon
BUY ME at Monson Snowboards.
Grab This!
at Monson Snowboards.

Added a few new images to the portfolio and changed a section. We now have "The Lab" which will kinda be a catch all place for interactive things and various art projects.

Might have broken my Jaw playing basketball two Sundays ago, DOH!

My Parents just flew home back to Michigan. Had a great visit, took a train ride up to the Grand Canyon, saw a HUGE Bull Elk from about 20 feet away, very cool!

"And 1" the basketball team I play on won it's first game today. We beat the AZ Milcats, who were in first place until they came across us! ha ha!! Anyway, it felt really good to win one finally. 1 and 4, next stop beating the new first place team.

Passed 300 users on the Geoff Johns message board today, going strong!

Also added a News section to the Geoff Johns homepage the other day. Going to add some additional functionality soon.

Geoff Johns.com is up, live and starting to fill up with content Quickly! Message Board now active, check it out it's very cool!

Geoff Johns.com is a Johns / Hamman.org / Pixelfrog Joint production.

Saw some U.S. Military servers visited my site. Very Cool! I wanna take this opportunity to personnally thank all the men and women of our military. You are TRUE heros, God Bless America!!!!!

Here's a little collage I put together from random pics off of a nameless stock photo site.


Well, got my two entries into the 2nd Annual Monson Snowboard design contest.

Here they are:
High Noon

Well a ton of great designs came in. Very impressive stuff.

Well it's a few days until Christmas. It just doesn't seem right in Arizona, no snow, 65 degrees and sunny, weird!

I've been keeping an eye on the entries to the Monson Snowboard design contest and so far I think the designs were better in the first one. Obviously the quality will improve when the soon to be several thousand contestants get all their designs in.


Well It's been awhile since I've last updated. I've been busy over the past few months freelancing and looking for full-time work. Insurance is nice! :) New gig.

Here are a couple new funky illustrations
3 eyes

Monson Snowboards is having another Design contest. Only two entries per person this time. More to come on the boards.

Well I've updated once again. Even though I love the last version, I thought a simpler IA would be prudent for the main part of my site.

Things will be added to the site and corrected and changed, so please bear with me.

All the old fun stuff is still available for your web surfing pleasure, Here!

Another quick reminder, I am available for Freelance opportunities right now, book me now while you still can! ;)